As you start writing your blog articles, you should also think about the source of images to match your content. You may be wondering whether you need to find a photographer meaning digging deeper in your pocket. Or else, get out of your office and walk around capturing images for free.

Fortunately,  a thousand sites are offering creative common images and public domain pictures. You do not need to pay anything to use this photo images.  But quality content is all you need. Why then should you struggle to find images? Here are the reasons why images are essential for your blog:

a.    Image create liveliness on your blog/website

As you know, the old rule of web content is showing but not telling. No matter how sweet your content is, without spicing it up with images, it remains lifeless.

In fact, the pictures act as the storytellers on your site. They help the audience to interact and figure out the message you are passing across. Also, it catches their attention and interest to go through the content. Hence, with images, you give life to the story you are telling on your site.

b.    Enhance your SEO ranking

Do you want better ranking in the search engines? If so, images are one way to enhance your SEO rankings. For you to earn a higher ranking, you need to input search engine-friendly capitation on your images and optimize them for the search engines.

Also, if you have some free images on stock photos sites, they can help you to gain backlinks for your site which will boost your site rankings.  Importantly, websites with images appear before those without when a visitor searches for a particular phrase. With the availability of free images for website use, you do not have a reason to miss out on these benefits.

c.    Increase blog or website views

Certainly, you do searches on Google and other searching engines.  As such, you can confirm that your attention is more on sites with images. You are not the only person attracted to images. About 94% of web visitors click and view sites combining images and content.

With this in mind and with the availability of free images, it will be your error to limit your site views by ignoring the power of images.

In summary, images are essential part of any blogger/ website owner seeking to succeed. They enhance your SEO ranking, website views and create liveliness on your site. As such, with the availability of free images for use on websites, missing the above gains will be personal errors.


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