Can you create a website and write content without including images? If you are asking yourself this question, the answer is there is no requirement that websites must have images. Most traditional sites did not even have a single image as it was an expensive affair.

However today there are millions of free image downloads. Thus getting images for your website is a walk in the park. Regardless, as said earlier, no rule compels you to use images on your site. But, did you know the roles of images on a website? Here is what images do for your site:

a)    Create emotion

Human is emotional beings. They connect more with things that cause a feeling in them. One of the ways to create excitement on your site is to use images. Take it this way: you are reading an article about a park in France. No image of the park. No pictures of animals found in it or anything to do with the country.

While the story may be moving, it will only remain a narrative. You will not have any emotion or desire to visit the park as you will not believe what the writer has written. However, the story would be different if images of the said park are availed. So, images are essential in creating emotion and authenticity of your content.

b)    Make your site to look good

As you know, beautiful things attract people. It is for this reason people invented colored items to replace the black and white versions. Avoiding images on your site is taking ten steps back to the dark days. Even if they say old is gold, with the high availability of free images, it will be seen as ignorance.

Apparently, one reason why you are on social media is that you enjoy the beauty of the images people upload daily. Hence, if you want to attract people to your site, upload images.

c)    Enhance your online store sales

Are you planning to set up an online store? If so, pictures play a crucial role in enhancing your sales. Take it this way: you are selling furniture, but you do not upload their images. You write a wooing description and leave the customer in an imagination mode.

Do you think you will make a sale? Yes if your customers are all blind. Since your customers do not interact with the products one on one; images are essential to show them the features. Hence, they facilitate buying decision making and enhance your sales.

And those are the essential roles of images on your site.